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A small evaporator coil, but loaded with BIG FEATURES AND BENEFITS.



The AlumaFin7 evaporator coil offers HVAC contractors an efficient option for installations in space-constrained homes. Its all-aluminum, 21-inch depth design also provides additional features and benefits to help create great value for enhanced indoor comfort.

  • The 7mm grooved aluminum tubing enhances the heat transfer properties of the refrigerant.
  • The multi-louvered fins are acid-etched to help drain condensate faster, compared to aluminum fins that are not acid-etched. These combined features help deliver improved airflow with minimal static pressure.
  • A corrosion resistant thermoplastic drain pan features a ‘no water-retention’ design.
  • The triangle plate’s thickness adds structural integrity.
  • The single-piece access panel with a tight seal helps to keep conditioned air from escaping.


The 7mm grooved aluminum tubing help provide enhanced turbulence of refrigerant.