2023 Regulations


What You Need to Know 2023 REGULATIONS

Preparing_2023 New minimum energy efficiency standards for the Department of Energy (DOE) begin on January 1, 2023, and Daikin and its family of brands will be ready to serve your needs. When it comes to providing energy-efficient quality products that meet future demands, our priority is to be a leader within the HVAC industry.

These new regulations are an effort to reduce energy consumption. HVAC manufacturers will be required to produce central air-conditioning and air-source heat pump systems that meet new minimum 2023 energy efficiency standards. The minimum efficiency requirements are changing, but testing regulations that determine efficiencies have also been amended.

As a manufacturer, we are investing in engineering, materials and testing to continue to produce compliant products, and have begun a multi-step process to ensure compliance with new 2023 regulations. It is also important that we inform, educate and equip you, our valued customer, with the tools to be successful with this transition to new efficiency standards and equipment requirements.

Our customers are always top of mind, and we will continue to support you by producing energy-efficient products that meet the DOE requirements.

This document summarizes certain Department of Energy (DOE) regulations applicable to HVAC products as of the date of publication and is not intended to provide legal advice on how to comply with the DOE’s regulations. You should consult with legal counsel to determine the application of the DOE’s regulations to your particular situation and any changes since the publication of this document.

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