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The GTST Connected Thermostat is a fully communicating control that manages and coordinates Goodman communicating indoor and outdoor inverter systems seamlessly, bringing the ultimate in comfort to your home.   

Every few seconds, your GTST thermostat senses the temperature and humidity inside your home.  At the same time, your system tells your thermostat how the inverter and variable speed blowers and other components are operating.  The GTST thermostat uses all of this information to calculate the ideal settings for your system to provide maximum comfort and provides those instructions to the system continuously and automatically.  It’s the only way to really experience the amazing comfort capable with a Goodman inverter system. 

Not only that, your Goodman GTST thermostat can be controlled with a smart phone app or voice control from popular smart home devices, making your comfort only a click or a command away. 

Goodman GTST Connected Thermostat

The Goodman GTST connected thermostat is designed to provide the ultimate inverter experience when installed a part of a Goodman SD inverter system. The GTST thermostat is compatible with all Goodman communicating unitary equipment and can be linked via wi-fi to the Goodman Home app for control from an iOS or Android phone or tablet. In addition, the GTST thermostat can be voice controlled with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. For efficiency and comfort, the homeowner can program up to four schedule events per day on a seven day schedule.

Contractors will appreciate the aux output, which can be configured for a humidifier, a dehumidifier, or as the primary or secondary heat source. Commissioning and set up is simplified with the installation tools available on the Goodman Installer app.

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Nest thermostat E

The Nest thermostat E + Goodman packs brains and brawn into one powerful product.  Homeowners get what they want: a simple user interface, remote control1 and monthly system performance reports2. Goodman dealers will love the seamless installation of the Nest thermostat with any new Goodman system. The Nest thermostat is backed by a 5-year limited warranty* from Goodman and VIP dealer technical support from Google.

To sum it up – The Nest thermostat E + Goodman = exceptional indoor comfort.

* The full text of Goodman limited warranty on this product may be viewed at, or may be requested in paper by contacting us at 19001 Kermier Road, Waller, TX 77484.

1 Requires working internet and Wi-Fi
2 Email sign-up required to receive monthly report

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ComfortBridge™ technology ‘bridges’ indoor comfort with smart technology, and is factory-installed into select, premium Goodman brand gas furnaces and air handlers. ComfortBridge™ helps your entire Goodman brand heating and cooling system cost-effectively operate.

In the past, communicating technology was limited to a few proprietary thermostats. Now, ComfortBridge™ technology is installed securely in all premium Goodman brand furnace and air handler equipment, providing you consistent, energy-efficient home comfort with most commercially available thermostats.

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