​History of Goodman®



In 2012, Goodman Manufacturing became a member of Daikin.
Daikin Industries, Ltd. (DIL) is a global Fortune 1000 company.  It is a worldwide leader in residential and commercial HVAC.  The company provides innovative, premium quality and energy-efficient indoor climate management, commercial, and industrial customers.

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Revolutionizing the Heating and Air Conditioning Industry

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“We will revolutionize the Heating and Air Conditioning Industry with the highest-quality equipment, manufactured by the best-producing workforce and sold for the best value in the market.”

Harold V. Goodman

Harold V. GoodmanRevolutionizing the Industry

In 1954, Harold V. Goodman, founder of Goodman Manufacturing Company, L.P., became an air conditioning contractor in the rapidly growing city of Houston,Texas. As the steamy Gulf Coast city grew, so did Harold’s business, and by the late 1960s, he was one of the most successful HVAC contractors in the United States. 


In 1975, Harold entered HVAC manufacturing with the formation of Goodman Manufacturing Company, L.P. The company began as a maker of flexible air duct and plastic blade registers. As this business grew successfully, however, Harold turned his sights to building HVAC equipment, recognizing the industry’s need for a high-quality, low-cost producer of central air conditioning systems.



As luck would have it, Harold learned that another HVAC manufacturer was closing its doors and selling off its manufacturing equipment. He quickly stepped in to purchase the shuttering company’s machinery, transported it to a large warehouse in Houston, and in 1982, Goodman entered the market as a manufacturer of central air conditioners and heat pumps.


In 2012,  Goodman was purchased by Daikin Industries, Ltd and became a member of Daikin Group.  Daikin is a global Fortune 1000 company and is a worldwide leader for residential and commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

The combination of Daikin+Goodman created a very strong company which provides innovative & environmentally sound solutions for human comfort.

Daikin Texas Technology Park

Daikin, Goodman’s parent company, commenced construction of the state-of-the-art Daikin Texas Technology Park campus near Houston, Texas. The project was the largest investment made in Daikin’s 90-year history. With one of the most technologically advanced HVAC facilities in the world, Daikin reinforced its global commitment to local, in country manufacturing.


Operations at the new facility ramp up and the first Goodman air condition and gas furnace units come off the line.

The new 4.2 million square foot, state-of-the-art facility consolidates Goodman’s HVAC manufacturing, engineering, logistics, and customer support under one, very large roof. This allows Goodman to improve efficiency, quality, communication, delivery and responsiveness to better meet the needs of our customers.

About Goodman Heating and Air Conditioning Products

 Reliable Performance

Reliable Performance

Harold's Vision

Harold's Vision 

From the beginning, Harold was dedicated to building HVAC equipment that performed reliably, lasted a long time, and solved many of the problems contractors encountered in the design of other companies’ equipment. 


Our Philosophy

  • High quality at low cost equals value
  • Maintain low overhead
  • Create products that are engineered for reliable long life, ​using the best components with some of the lowest failures rates in the industry
  • Our belief of offering some of the best limited warranties in the marketplace.

Committed to Excellence

Goodman Air Conditioning Products 

These same principles guide Goodman today. We remain focused on providing high-quality products at an affordable price, and protecting them with what we believe to be some of the best warranties in the industry*. This clear focus has led to Goodman being a leading unit manufacturer of residential and light commercial heating and air conditioning products and systems in North America.

*Get copies of our warranties from any dealer.


Today Goodman is the value leader in HVAC products--all due to Harold Goodman's vision. In the words of the Goodman brand's tagline, "Thank Goodness for Goodman®."