Goodman® Gives Back to Our Country


Since 2016, Goodman has been a proud sponsor of Lifetime Channel’s television series Military Makeover® that helps create better homes for our American veterans. Goodman donates high-efficiency HVAC products for these veterans and their families. Local Goodman® brand dealers also donate their time to install these upgraded systems helping to turn inefficient units into cost-saving systems for energy-efficient performance to help lower the family’s utility bills resulting in consistent indoor comfort year-round. This TV series salutes those that have risked their lives, offering hope and a helping hand right here on the home front.

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About Military Makeover

Military Makeover is a series dedicated to giving back to members of our military and their loved ones. Enlisting the help of HVAC contractors, designers, landscapers and other home renovation experts, the host, retired United States Marine Corps Staff Sergeant R. Lee Ermey “The Gunny” helps change the living situation – and the lives – of these deserving individuals.

Watch Videos from Military Makeover Episodes -

Cornelius Family - May 2018
Ewing Family – March 2018
Schaeffer Family – November 2017
Tague Family – September 2017
Crozier Family – July 2017
LoBrutto Family – March 2017

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