Warranty – Extended Service Plans
Asure Provides Years of
Worry-Free Comfort

With a Asure Extended Service Plan**, you’ll have your choice of 5-years*, 10-years*, or even up to 99-years* (compressor only) of worry-free comfort without the unexpected cost of replacement parts or labor expenses should your Goodman brand equipment require covered service. If a covered repair is needed, an Authorized Asure Dealer will respond promptly and make repairs with quality Goodman brand parts.

Asure coverage is affordable, on average costing only pennies a day. It’s valuable coverage that protects you today and in the future, no matter how much the cost of service may increase over the life of your Goodman brand equipment. With a Asure extended service plan, your comfort is in the warranty.

“Thank Goodness for Goodman.”

A Asure Service Agreement is only available through an Authorized Asure Dealer. Visit the Dealer Locator to find a Asure Dealer near you.

**Not available in all states.

*Actual Cost Savings may vary depending on weather conditions, utility rates, usage, proper installation and specific building characteristics. Figures Shown here are based upon the EPA and DOE Energy Star formulas and are provided for example purposes only. No promise of performance is implied by us or should be inferred by you.