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Look to the Goodman brand for a full selection of 50hz central air conditioning systems. The same quality, durability, and affordability that you expect from the Goodman brand are ready to export and go international with our specially selected offerings.

Product Specifications
Goodman PC50 50Hz Spec Sheet
Goodman PCB50 50Hz Spec Sheet
Franklin PC50 50Hz Spec Sheet
Franklin PCB50 50Hz Spec Sheet
Janitrol PC50 50Hz Spec Sheet
Janitrol PCB50 50Hz Spec Sheet
GMC PC50 50Hz Spec Sheet
GMC PCB50 50Hz Spec Sheet

Installation Instructions
PC50 50Hz Installation Manual
PCB50 50Hz Installation Manual

Spanish Literature
GPC13H — Especificaciones de Producto
GPC13H — Manual de Instalacion y Operacion
GPC13M — Especificaciones de Producto
GPC13M Comercial — Especificaciones