GGM Grille-Mount Electronic Air Cleaner
High-Efficiency Performance
Fits All Central HVAC Systems
* All functional parts are covered by a 5-Year Parts Limited Warranty. Click on the warranty link above for complete warranty details.
Product Features
  • Pre-filters (2) are constructed of aluminum mesh to help prevent lint
    and large particles from entering the collecting cells
  • Collecting cells (2) are constructed of heavy-gauge aluminum for durability and ease of maintenance
  • Plastic intake grille is easy to
    wipe clean
  • Hinged, swing-out door allows easy access to filters
  • Automatic interlock switch disconnects power when door is opened
  • Air-proving switch allows for quick wiring; automatically cycles air cleaner on/off with the system fan
  • Performance indicator light ensures air cleaner is operating properly at a glance
  • Reliable solid-state power board is uniquely equipped with a variable resistor (potentiometer) to adjust high-voltage output if necessary
  • Optional carbon pre-filter (3 pack)
The GGM High-Efficiency Grille-Mount Electronic Air Cleaner helps protect and prolong the operating efficiency of central heating and cooling systems compared to systems that do not have enhanced air filtration components.

Additional Information

Before purchasing this appliance, read important information about its estimated annual energy consumption, yearly operating cost, or energy efficiency rating that is available from your retailer.