CTK02 High-Definition ComfortNet™
Communicating Control & System
* Complete warranty details available from your local dealer or by clicking below on the Product Warranty link. To receive the 10-Year Control Limited Warranty, the control must be installed in conjunction with a new furnace or air handler containing a communicating system that is compatible with the control and, if that furnace/air handler is a Goodman® brand unit, that furnace/air handler must have been registered online within 60 days of installation of the furnace/air handler. Failure by Quebec or California residents to have registered a Goodman® brand furnace/air handler does not diminish their warranty rights.
Product Features
  • Automatic system configuration ensures system is working at its maximum efficiency
  • Exclusive "Call for Service" diagnostic indicator
  • Unique color-coded temperature touch keypad for quick adjustments
  • Clean, uncluttered touchscreen display provides easier navigation
  • Intuitive menu-driven programming with audio beep prompt
  • Simplified dual-fuel compatibility without the need for extra controls
  • Advanced modulation control
  • Removable faceplate
  • Maximum adjustable heat & cool settings
  • UV lamp maintenance reminder
  • Humidifier pad maintenance reminder
  • Brightness display adjust
  • Customizable home screen
  • Adjustable keypad backlight
  • Low-profile design
  • Built-in humidification & dehumidification controls
  • Active system diagnostics — All control board error codes are mirrored at the display
  • Selectable energy management recovery program
  • Remote outdoor temperature sensor (16 & 18 SEER two-stage outdoor units)
  • Hard-wired with battery back-up
This Goodman brand ComfortNet digital control works with Goodman brand ECM-based furnaces and air handlers and 16 & 18 SEER two-stage air conditioners and heat pumps.